Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hilton Hawaiian Village with Milton S, 7/25/11

I was happy when Milton S. said he wanted to take pictures at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  This is a view of its lagoon.

Rainbow Tower
 I am happy to be here because of these macaws

penguins (there are 5), herons (2), turtles (?) as well as flamingoes, ducks, carps and a black swan
flowers, these are just a few
and water lilies.

Here is the area I took those 2 water lilies
Milton let me use this very cool tripod.
Thanks Milton, it was so much fun.  I learned more about smaller aperture for more detail.  (To get a soft background, use the largest aperture.)

The landscape at the Hilton Hawaiian Village is so beautiful; there are even waterfalls.


Anonymous said...

Viewing your blog took me to the Hawaiian Village and reminded me of all the things I saw. It's been a while since I was there. Weather permissible. I may go tomorrow and will take my camera of course.

I really liked the shadows of the Lily flowers :) :)

Erick said...

Very nice! Great bird and flower shots. The red headed parrot is so cool!

Anonymous said...


Just finished looking at your blog...really like the 1st white water lily pic with the great reflection and of course the shots of the macaws. Thanks for sharing.