Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tom Servais and Kelia Moniz, 12/18/10

Milton of "Eyes of Hawaii", a photography club that I belong to, provided a photo shoot with famous surf photographer ~ Tom Servais.

The waves at the North Shore were not very high but we very fortunate that Kelia Moniz was surfing. As Tom pointed out she is extremely graceful and surfs well. We could not take enough pics of her.
I tightly cropped this , she had so much fun, smiling all the time.

A crop of the above pic, again to show how happy she is surfing. I wish the waves were higher, she would have looked even more terrific!
Those who didn't get a chance to come out missed out. Amy and her daughter left before this group shot. Also Ross was not in either, he was helping to shoot. Milton, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to shoot with Tom Servais; he certainly was very kind and willing to share his knowledge with us.

Tom thought he would be just teaching us how to shoot surfing shots but he was extremely happy that Kelia was there and he got awesome shots. Look at his camera, the biggest one. Hee hee, mine is the smaller one with the bag hanging from the tripod.

Please check out the links I provided they are the ones with the yellow fonts.
Just a pic of a sign made from a broken surfboard.

Tonight, I also posted: Waikiki Night Happenings, 12/4/10.


SW said...

WOW.. great shots! can't believe you got them w/ the 70-200mm that seems as good as the giant 300mm or 400mm the pros were using.. lucky you had such a great surfer to shoot too!

jalna said...

Awesome shots!

Randism said...

nice shots ;-) it soitenly helps to be outdoorz wit da sunlight! az u no, ass my achilez heel! eh! post your eclipse pictures!!!

Erick said...

Great surf shots! Looks like you learned a lot from Tom.