Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wonderful surprise, 10/20/10

In October, I thought I was picking up my first order of Melaleuca from the post office.

However that was not it, I was jazzed to see the package was from my son who lives in San Francisco (my other son lives here). Luckily, I had a scissors in my car and quickly unwrapped it and got a wonderful surprise:
I was very touched because I recognized the 2 women ~ I had taken a picture of them and had written on my blog, "I just had to capture these cute women sharing an umbrella".
Thank you so much, Jon!!! I love your oil painting!!!


jalna said...

What a nice surprise!

Erick said...

Wow, very nice!

Randism said...

wow! now dats one totfull kid! u get em on da wall now?

celia said...

Yeah, I am so lucky! I have it displayed on a table along with a watercolor he did. He made a watercolor of a place in Italy and made it into a post card. So nice!