Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Hike! Kualoa Ranch, 11/20/10

Imagine 60 people meeting at 7:30 am sharp for a photo shoot/hike at Kualoa Ranch. The majority were with Eyes of Hawaii, photography club, and the rest were with Terry Takaki's photography class.

However before getting there, Richard and I couldn't resist some shots across from the Ranch.

This special shoot did cost $30.00 per person. So we gladly jumped into the vehicle that went up the mountain, lickty split.

Our escort shared the value of the breadfruit.
Hee hee, Gary, I grabbed your picture online, thank you so much for doing this panoramic with your very cool camera that stitches within the camera. I am jellos!

From this vantage point, I almost gasped when were informed that we were now going down from this side of the mountain to the bottom by foot.

What you don't see was the mud, mud and more mud. It was quite a challenge getting down. Only 3 people chose not to do the hike, however none us of knew the extent of the hike - so off we went.
As I tried to capture this reflection in a puddle, my left foot sank (hee hee it was deeper than I thought and I had someone yank me out).

Would you believe it was 10:05 am when I took this shot. Hmm (8:00 -10:05 am) is a long time to be hiking. We ended up taking another 2 hours to get to the bottom. We were offered the scenic route since we are photographers. Hmm, we found ourselves going up again and around. Blessing, great exercise!

It was fun to take pictures of these cows. There were more but were gated until we left this valley.

This machinery was part of the Kualoa Sugar Mill which I blogged on Sept. 6, 2010. I saw this as I departed from the little bus that brought us back and is infront of the dining room/souvenir shop. Now it was 12:24 pm. We were ready to get some R&R.


jalna said...

I loooove your shots, Celia. I keep looking at them over and over, especially the ones of the Koolau Mountains. Soooo beautiful!

Erick said...

Wow, nice shots. Looks more like you where on a WWII forced march. Am I glad I didn't go.