Monday, February 15, 2010

Light Painting, 2/13/10

Did we have fun or did we have fun? We laughed so much!

Light painting is when we shoot manually and set our shutter speed to bulb. (Bulb - long exposure) We decide when we want to close the shutter. In the meantime Leslie, Marvin and Jon got to draw with their flashlights to create these images.

Jalna, Erick, Susie, Shun Wah, Stan Y. and myself got to capture these images. Jalna did her homework and figured out ideas ahead of time. Thanks Jalna. Later we just brainstormed - and laughed some more.

Erick shot his flash before we closed our shutter.

Leslie was very creative - cool, huh?
Kind of spooky.


pcsty said...

The RR shot is my favorite.

jalna said...

It's really neat how even though you were at an angle, the shots still came out. I'm so glad you were able to make it to our outing.

SW said...

soo cool! Neat to see your perspective since i was shooting on the other side from you..

Randism said...