Friday, February 5, 2010

Hayden's First Birthday, 1/30/10

Jalna, Erick, Hiromi and myself had the pleasure of shooting Hayden's first birthday.

Here is Hayden's sister taking a peek...
of his birthday cake.
Here is Hayden.
Dad and sister.
This is an example of being in the wrong spot. I didn't get a good picture of his mom.
This roast pig was to die for. I have never tasted such tender pork. Sorry piggy.
This picture barely shows how many came to help Hayden celebrate his first birthday.

The magician Obi did terrific card tricks, dunno how he got that card on the wall.
The entertainment included a magician and a halau (hula dance group) that performed many dances. They were terrific.
This little one was way cute!


jalna said...

Great shooting, Celia. I love your first shot. Mom and dad are gonna be happy!

Hiromi said...

Hi! Finaly able to see your photos! Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed all of them!

Randism said...

nice shots! clear and focused, not like my tokina 11-16 which was sent back today for an exchange!!!

celia said...

Glad I got to check out your tokina - I hope the exchange works like a charm and that it comes soon.

pcsty said...

Very nice shots. I too liked the first shot best.