Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hoomaluhia, 7/15/18 (background)

Having fun with macros and eliminating backgrounds that take away from the focus.

I sweated like a pig - trying to hold my camera steady. It is not a pretty insect/bug but it allowed me to get close - it was of course nervous. These photos were cropped.

Wow, never saw so many canon ball flowers.

Saw this beautiful tree and thought of Christmas.
My life is getting busy so consequently photography will be on the back burner.


jalna said...

I always love your macros.

celia said...

Thank you Jalna. That little bug was about an inch or maybe a little more - what a tough macro.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous again...I never say a cannon ball bring stuff to my awareness which is cool. Your pictures are art work they should be framed and sold. My landlord does it, the whole thing except she buys the art from local artists. She then mats and frames them..she use to make a lotta money but she stopped but she's restarting this weekend at the Swap Meet. She works mostly with koa and makes them from wood she buys. Yours would sell really well I think! -N

celia said...

Thank you N. for your compliments and your encouragement. Hmm, I should consider this. Currently, I make photo notecards for gifts.

Anonymous said...

I talked to my landlord and she's interested though don't get your hopes up too much. Do you have a gallery of photos online? She said she MIGHT be interested and could work out a deal if she saw pixs she likes...her customers are mostly tourists so she sells Kim Taylor Reece's work and another artist (never heard of him) --Hawaii stuff for the tourists to take home.-N

celia said...

Hi N,
Please feel free to email me at
thank you, Celia