Monday, September 26, 2016

Zoo time, 9/25/16

The six of us again. I have not been to the zoo for quite some time and knowing how far some of the animals and birds are I made sure to have my 70-200 zoom lens.

The toucan on the left started communicating, Milton could hear some sounds.

It was a challenge to eliminate the wire cage especially since I wanted to capture the beauty of these birds.

Best not get this guy upset.

A little shut eye.

In the aviary, the birds are free to fly in a larger enclosed space.

As much as I have enjoyed my Fuji XT-10, the Canon with the 70-200 lens was the one for this venue. It was fun guys.


jalna said...

I don't use the word "lovely" too often, but somehow that's the first thing that came to my mind while viewing your photos.

celia said...

Wow, thank you Jalna. That is a huge complement!!!