Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blue Angels - Spectacular, 9/27/14

Milton S, Derek and Stephen and I enjoyed the challenge of photographing this air show. 

Before it began, we noticed this beautiful low rainbow gracing the mountains.
The Blue Angels have 6 planes. Four of them are usually together.
Number 5 usually flies upside down. But the number is written so that it can look correct either way.
I think Number 6 also does special maneuvers.

Upside down? Yup!

I barely got this criss crossing.  They were zooming by so quickly.

Definitely a challenge with our own agility to capture them. I would like to share more but I think this shows how precise and quick these flyers were. Awesome!!!


jalna said...

Excellent shooting!!!

celia said...

Jalna, I am happy I got these. Although the planes were in the air they sometimes swooped down. Umbrellas, kids on parent shoulders and tents sure made a short person work harder.

SW said...

wow..OMG got awesome shots! it was a really HOT day! I can't believe I managed to bump into you in a sea of thousands of people!

celia said...

Too funny, I think if we tried to find each other we definitely would have had a difficult time. I was happy to see you and your group. What a challenge capturing the Blue Angels.