Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pan Pacific Parade, 6/13/10

June 18, I just added 3 more pics at the end of this post.

We were so fortunate to be entertained this past weekend, June 11-13 at Ala Moana Center Stage and to end with a parade. I shot this, after all we were in Waikiki.

I just had to capture these cute women sharing an umbrella.
These Korean outfits were so beautiful.

It was also nice seeing these Japanese outfits.

There were many hula groups from Japan.
I heard a lot of commotion, now I know why, this guy was oogling this hula dancer.
The parade had so many happy participants. The little boy was so kawaii (cute)!
I forgot to include these pics of this man and this huge flag. See what he did with it.


Erick said...

Nice coverage of the parade. I like the shot of the Texans in a row. Nice shooting!

SW said...

great colors in your shots. Great spectator shots too. Nice collage of smiling faces. That's a great idea.