Monday, June 22, 2020

Waimea Valley Park, 6/21/20

Wow, the last time, I came here on Ohana Sunday was Oct. 20, 2019. Today Derek, Curtis, Gary and I enjoyed our $4.00 special.

Gary's first DSLR and what does he get a Nikon "No Can". Gary was the one who joked about my Canon as "Can Not". 

 Is this how a peacock would do the catwalk?

A different perspective, looking up into the trumpet flower

Derek's eyes were rolling when Gary and I took photos of each other. 

My photos...

Focusing, unaware of me getting this shot

Yup, Derek's eyes were rolling. As I giggled out loud.

This bee was in there for awhile. I left and came back to see if perhaps the bee was drowning. Thank goodness it flew away.

I am not sure what this cute sign says. 

Yes this bird blended with the tree

Sorry Curtis, I did not get a photo of you, I think you moved on ahead as some of us got stuck in one area for awhile. Also, sorry Derek, we could have stayed longer, Gary's hair appointment was for 1:30 like you said. Lol, I kept thinking it was 1:00. All in all, it was a joy to come here as well as tease each other. 

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