Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Hamakua Marsh, Kailua 6/7/20

Derek, Curtis, Gary and myself met at 8:00 a.m. 

Gary's photos... 

Gary stayed to the right side of the marsh watching this Hawaiian Coot, `Alae Ke`oke`o. Looks innocent, however it follows its prey, then lowers itself stealthfully. Oh boy another coot comes along and chases away the first coot. Luckily the ducks were safe, they were being chased around. 


Needless to say the coot was happy

Gary did not actually take these photos sequentially but that was pretty much what he observed.

One last photo - the coot bobbing for something.

The black crown night heron, Auku`u

Hybrid Koloa ducks - pure Koloa ducks are extremely rare and endangered

Last but not least, the Hawaiian Moorhen, `Alae`ula

Celia's photos...

A family outing

More ducks

Hawaiian Coot, `Alae Ke`oke`o

Hawaiian Moorhen, `Alae`ula

 Heron's can stay still for a longgggg time.

Then fly with no warning

One more fowl

We decided to go home after two hours. It was fun as we always joke with each other.


jalna said...

Looking at your photos make me want to bust out my camera.

celia said...

I hope you do Jalna. it is fun capturing moments.