Thursday, June 4, 2020

Koko Head Botanical Garden, 6/4/20

Yay, I am retired, so now I can go any time - today is Thursday.  My boyfriend, Gary, Derek and Bob are also retired. Derek asked if I had another camera since I mentioned Gary used to take photos with his SLR film camera. Oh boy another Nikon guy. I did have another Canon camera with me. Sorry Gary you had to go to the dark side.

These are his best two fritillaries. I also struggled when you see my photos, I only have one.

I am proud that he saw this mongoose.

Good job, Gary!!!

Gary remembered he also used his phone camera. I like these!!!

My photos

Yup, even a tree stump caught my interest

as well as trees on the mountain side.

My one bird photo. There was a red bird which I was unable to capture. I was not quick enough.

My fritillary

We had so much fun! Gary and Derek did not hold back joking with me. Bob also chimed in and that was fun.

I also forgot this photo on my phone. You should have heard our conversation about this kiawe tree. It was hilarious wouldn't you agree Derek, Bob and Gary?


jalna said...

Nice!! What a fun outing!

celia said...

Thank you Jalna. It truly was fun.