Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hamakua Marsh, 6/30/20

Birds in flight is always a challenge. This is where we practice at - Hamakua Marsh.

These are Gary's photos...

Sassy walk

Mom and baby coot

The following 3 were at Kaelepulu Wetland


This was taken later @6:45pm - the moon is behind the clouds

My photos...

No tripod, Curtis used the ac to calibrate my "red dot sight" to help assist with taking birds in flight.

Not having a good day, my lens hood with the foam skin slipped off my camera and rolled down into the water. Panic!!! Thank you Curtis for thinking quickly and retrieving the metal rod out of the dumpster. I owe you big time, Curtis.

Stealthing. Probably this heron could stay in this position for days.

I was unsuccessful at Kaelepulu Wetland. Actually I did not do very well at Hamakua Marsh getting birds in flight.

Gary drove me to this Loi (taro) patch. It is hidden in Maunawili. It is taken care by volunteers.

We look forward to Sunday to make photos at the Zoo, especially to see the 2 baby giraffes.

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