Saturday, November 5, 2011

Splendor of China, 10/30/11

Erick, Shun Wah, and I enjoyed the Chinese Chamber of Commerce 9th Splendor of China event.  It was a joy to see these performances.  This was held on Saturday and Sunday, we came on Sunday (Erick came to both days).

 Check out the strength of this person with the glasses. He holds his stance with power.

Ding Quan Liu, master calligrapher

I wish I got her name and I wish you were there to hear her beautiful voice as she sang traditional Mandarin songs.

 As I checked out the vendors, I thought this picture was so touching.
There was a table displaying special Chinese items.

Translation: top right - country, bottom right - strong, top left - people, bottom left - safe
country strong, people safe

Translation: top right - wind, bottom right - mild, top left - rain, bottom left - plentiful
wind mild, rain plentiful


Erick said...

Great coverage of a great event! Love the 1st two shots, good exposure, really pops.

SW said...

wow.. love the vibrant reds in your shots.. you got a lot of different angles even though we were at the same venues.. nice work!