Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kapiolani Community College, Cactus Garden, 11/12/11

Hmmm, when Milton S. said let us meet at 7:00 a.m.,  I thought, yes! LOL.  However it was a good idea, lots of nice lighting.

Milton is very aware of birds, he noticed this one for me.

We also came to take pictures of these gecko madagascar. Again he and Derek had to point them out for me - thanks guys.

This beautiful, very beautiful cactus garden is the genius of Mr. Teraoka.  He is second from the left.

It is hard to find these Java Rice birds.  Thank goodness, Mr. Teraoka created feeding spots for them.  This parrot also frequents this place.

Mr. Teraoka also created this "Po . e . tree".

Milton, Derek, Curtis, Roger, Dewey and Angie ~ it was a beautiful morning and it was fun shooting with you and enjoying an early lunch from the vendors at the Farmer's market.


jalna said...

Awwwww, soo cute the birds!!! I like the lighting, but don't know if I could get up that early. Nice shots!

celia said...

Thanks Jalna, the birds really flock to this place. I really feel Mr. Teraoka did a wonderful landscaping of these cactus.