Sunday, October 30, 2011

Downtown, 10/22/11

Hawaii Photographic Society (HPS) met at Isamu Noguchi's sculpture - Skygate.  

I did not take this picture - I found this picture when I looked up info about this sculpture.  Notice the circular shadow below - it happens only twice a year - during the Lahaina Noon - when the sun shines directly overhead.  Find out more about this amazing piece

I had fun trying different angles.

Nagasaki Peace Bell:
"The city received the peace bell as a gift from survivors of the Nagasaki atomic bombing and their supporters as gesture of reconciliation. The bell was mounted on Dec. 7, 1990, and is a replica of the Bell of Nagasaki at Urakami Cathedral in Japan.
Since the bell was installed in Hawaii, it was been rung at ceremonies in August every year in remembrance of the atomic bombing during World War II and on Martin Luther KingJr. Day."
 City Hall:

Close up

 Iolani Palace:

The markings of this tree intrigued me.
 State Capitol:
Queen Liliuokulani: 
 King Kamehameha statue is infront of the Judicial building.
It was fun taking the time to see our downtown.


Erick said...

Nice coverage of downtown! Great close-up shots, would have never thought of doing that.

SW said...

NICE! I really how you took different angles of things I've seen but you put a new spin to it.. creative idea!! very cool!!

Randism said...

eh, too good! no lose your camera in all dat apec confusion next week!

celia said...

Marie was helpful in pointing out some of the detail shots such as the knocker at Honolulu Hale and the door knob. Stan O. mentioned about the circular shadow. I was happy when I googled Skygate that the info and picture was available.

I will be very sad if I loose my camera.