Wednesday, July 13, 2011

West Glacier National Park, Montana, 6/14-17/11

Richard and I were dropped off at the Amtrak station by bus.  Huh?  Due to a landslide with boulders on the track - our train ride from Spokane, Washington became a 6 hour bus ride a little longer than a train ride.  We left as scheduled, 1:30 am.  Main thing, we got here safely.
In the Amtrak station, I quickly noticed Ansel Adams book, Our National Parks.  A must have book - I was so happy to get it.  Ansel Adams is famous for his capture of light  - google him
Voila our transportation to where we would be staying.  I will post more about this "red bus" in my East Glacier blog.

We stayed at The Village Inn which was on the waterfront of Lake McDonald.
What a view!!!

 Food was good at Eddie's
 as well as Huckleberry ice cream.
Notice how happy these 2 girls are.  Due to no shuttle until, July 1 - we rented a car and were able to drive them to East Glacier.  The night before they were frozen in their little tent while it rained in "Avalanche". They are from Switzerland and we had seen them on the bus and then at Eddies.
 While at East Glacier, we had lunch here.
The temperature here was much warmer than West Glacier.
I don't think water rafting was going to happen.  The glaciers have provided a lot of gushing water.

Got some gifts here.
West Glacier was beautiful but wet and cold.  This is at Lake McDonald Lodge.

A link to Wikipedia: Glacier National Park 


jalna said...

Soooo beautiful Celia! Thanks for sharing!

Lance said...

Very nice! Sooo peaceful and serene. You got some fantabulous shots!

celia said...

Thank you Jalna and Lance, I was so fortunate to go. I will be posting East Glacier - there were more things there.