Sunday, July 17, 2011

The animals, food, and red bus, 6/17-21/11

It was fun seeing these animals.  

This one was right outside of our red bus.  We made sure we kept the windows up.  As much as I wish this bear was a grizzly, my sister reminded me that it does not have the distinctive hump on its shoulder (because they dig a lot) therefore it is a black bear.  Each night at Glacier Park Lodge, a park Ranger would inform us about the different animals.  They said that black bears are also brown in color.

We got to go where these bisons hang out.

 This long horn sheep was cool.

 I think these are also long horn sheep, please correct me if I am wrong.

We certainly had great meals.
 At Luna's, they had the best huckleberry pie.

Part of Glacier National Park is in Alberta, Canada- overlooking Upper Waterton Lake.  Therefore having a passport was a must.

 I had Shepherd's pie.
Our waitress wearing a Welsh Tartan
The "Red Bus" is a 17 passenger convertible. The White Motor Company built these vehicles between 1936 and 1939.

We really liked this driver, he had so much info and had so much enthusiasm.  He is also known as a "Jammer" meaning he drove the red bus when it was a stick shift.  He wears a cap where as the other driver in my West Glacier shows a driver with a hat.  The red bus' were refurbished by Ford @2005.

Richard in the backseat trying to get shots of a waterfall.
Thanks Richard.

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