Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Excursion, 7/3/11

Today, was an excursion.  We stopped at Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  This is Brandyvine Falls.  (Gary N. you will be happy to know these waterfalls shots were done with my Sony NEX.  This is a great little camera.  In the camera, I can see the effects as I change the shutter speed before I take it.  Most DSLR, you need to take the picture, then find out if you got the effect.

This park was large and it was a bit difficult to find the visitor center to get an official stamp for our "Passport - to your National Parks".  We drove around and around. Therefore, I needed to take this picture.
Our next stops were the covered bridges in Ashtabula County, Ohio.  The wooden bridges got covered to prevent its deterioration from inclement weather. There are 17 of these covered bridges. (click on the yellow words to link to the website)

Harpersfield Bridge:

 Mechanicsville Road Bridge:
 Doyle Road:

On our way to get lunch at Geneva by the Lake (Lake Erie), I got a shot of this gray squirrel.

A glimpse of Lake Erie.
Too funny, as drove back, we saw this huge rocking chair.  It certainly reminded us of the 70's show "Laugh In", with Edith Ann.
The eve of 4th of July was celebrated with Ashland Symphony Orchestra.  Liz and I walked around to take in this event, while Richard and Nancy sat and rested after driving all day. Their program included many patriotic songs and audience participation.  During "1812 Overture" paper bags were popped and during "Symphonic Portrait" sparklers were lit. During Stars and Stripes Forever - canons went off.


Jon said...

That giant chair is hilarious!

celia said...

Hee hee, if I get to go again, I think I will bring a ladder to get up and sit on that chair.

SW said...

Great Waterfall shot.. those are some fun places to see. That chair made you look even smaller..and I thought that golf club was big.. ha! ha!