Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ohio, 6/28 - 7/2/11

Although, Ohio was my last leg of my trip, I need to blog it first.  I had more time to go through those pictures.  Internet connection was a challenge during my trip  6/10-7/5/11, I am happy to finally blog.

Nancy, Richard's sister, went to her, you guessed it.  
Richard and Nancy don't go often to White Castle but grew up with it.  Hee hee, they wanted me to experience it.

At this wetland, we weren't sure what would be around.

 Luckily we got some dragon flies.  This one is called a Common Whitetail,
This place has cheese that is so smooth.  I enjoyed their butter cheese and baby swiss cheese that we brought home.

Richard sent me this picture of an Amish buggy, since sitting on the wrong side of the car did not work.
Nancy made a peach cobbler to die for.  I even got to take some with me to enjoy on the plane.
We drove to an area near Marion County, Ohio to visit with Erma whom we met at East Glacier National Park, Montana.  She was returning to her roots for a large family reunion. Too funny, she mentioned this place G & R Waldo for their famous fried bologna sandwich. Richard grew up near here in Marion.

 Erma's family place:  This farm was built in 1854.  Just recently the roof got hit.

Erma's relative's fancy boots.

This is Richard and Nancy's mother's home when they were teenagers.  However they were disappointed to find out their elementary and high school are no longer around and that their high school is now in the middle school.  Uggh.
In Ashland County, this ~ drive in ~  has not changed.

 Check out this golf club, a friend of theirs emblished it.
 Richard is demonstrating how tall this golf club is.  Richard himself is 6'5".
July 1, I experienced my first professional baseball game at the famous Cincinnati Great American Ball Park.  We drove across the bridge to Newport, Kentucky to look back at Ohio where the ball park and football stadiums are.  The following shots were done with the Sony NEX.

Cincinnati Reds vs Cleveland Indians.

When Cincinnati Reds made a home run, a shot of fire works went up.
Since this game was so close to 4th of July, they concluded with lots fireworks.

Tonight, I also posted: Excursion 7/3/11 and Nancy's place 6/28-7/5/11


jalna said...

Awesome Celia!! Looks like you're having a GREAT time!!

SW said...

great trip pics.. the food looks yummy, cool shots of different scenary. Looks like great fun. thanks for sharing.