Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nancy's place, 6/28-7/5/11 (edited 7/12)

Nancy, Richard's sister, has a charming home. Everyday, I enjoyed seeing her neighbor's place.
Since her place is away from the town- it was nice and dark at night.  Richard and I tried to take pictures with long exposure to capture the rotation of the earth as seen with the stars.
She has a love with gardening and also with birds. She provides food for the humming birds as well as other birds.  I was happy to get these 3.

On my last night, which was July 4, she had friends over. We even played croquet after dinner.  That was so much fun.

Guess what these shadows spell: OHIO.  (Erma, this should make you laugh)

Richard did this:  I actually won but not by ability, it is a long story.
One of her friends luckily had her car stall just across from her place.  While waiting for help, I could not resist taking pictures of the cows which are also her neighbors  - hee hee separated with a road & a fence

 I also enjoyed seeing this moon with the soft glow of the sun.

By this time, it was time to go into town to see the fireworks.   Sorry no stills of the fire works, I used my Sony NEX and took a video of it.  Uggh, my flight leaves tomorrow at 8:00 am  and Cleveland is more than an hour away.  Richard worked hard to find the fastest route.  An inside joke, no I did not leave from AIA.

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Anonymous said...

I love the adventure these photos took me on. It was as if I were there.
Thanks C.D. for sharing a piece of Ohio with me. I can't wait to hear the details about the inside stories behind some of them.
Glad you enjoyed the time well spent on the Mainland.