Saturday, December 18, 2010

Waikiki Night Happenings, 12/4/10

Erick and I spent an evening checking out happenings in Wakiki's night scene. Check out his blog We were first hoping get a beautiful sunset but clouds were in the way.
Not far from our sunset shots, we came across Joe the fiddler. We really enjoyed listening him play. He even played Japanese and Chinese songs for us.

It was nice seeing Waikiki all decorated.

A little window shopping...
had to tell Erick, let's go.
Even the silverman became gold for the season.
This magician added water to the bowls, drank, showed them empty, and then showed water flowing from them. What!
There was another person who juggled basketballs and other tricks with the basketballs. We didn't want to distract him, so we didn't take any pictures. He was really talented.

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SW said...

Nice!! I like the b&w shot of the magician..too bad I missed out...I drive by and see the street entertainers all the time but never went to see them close up. Glad now I get the chance to see then thru your pics..