Sunday, November 28, 2010

Women's Basketball, 11/27/10

Hey hey ~ Erick, Hiromi and I went to see the women's basketball again. This time we were closer to the players.

Everyone is at attention for the Star Spangled Banner and Hawaii Pono`i.

I enjoy capturing the intensity of the players. However tonight, I was unable to get many sharp images - uggh.

Wow, was I lucky to get this shot.
This was a tough game. It ended with a tie 55:55. Then during overtime it ended with another tie 57:57. The 2nd and last overtime, Hawaii did come out ahead 57:63.


Erick said...

Great action shoots! I love the triple flip shot. Jellos!

jalna said...

OMG that last shot is so neat!

Randism said...

indoor shots r so hard, yea? PLUS da buggas stay MOVING! garranz barbaranz fo get da blurry shots! i shood no; i get touzands of blurry indoor shots!!! and i so lolo. instead of learning how fo adjust da settings, i just GEEV 'UM! no mo brainz!