Monday, November 1, 2010

Splendor of China, 10/30-31/10

The title of this event is very befitting. It was absolutely amazing to watch these performances.
Erick, Hiromi, Amy, Cora H. and I sat with our cameras trying to capture it - however you had to be there. I decided not to post some of the entertainment, Narcissus contestants and their fashion show, Chinese dogs and their owners but to focus on Wayne Huey and the Lion Pole Dance.
Drum roll Wayne:
He got both sticks to line up.

Preciseness at its best!


Erick said...

Nice coverage! You got some really cool shots of Wayne and the lions jumping. Great shooting!

jalna said...

Oh my God, that was pretty exciting looking at your photos. I felt my eyes bugging out!

celia said...

Wayne was incredible - we watched him bend into a barrel and get out - hard to explain. Also hard to imagine the lion was able to turn around and dismount from the other direction.

SW said...

wow..look slike you got real close to the acrobat guy... very close and daring shots! nice action on the lion dancing shots too! seem like a great event..