Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bryan Clay's KidFit Clinic, 10/23/10

Ages 7-18 were invited to a free clinic - from 9-2:30 at the UH Clarence T. Ching Athletic Complex.
As a result of his tough childhood, Bryan created the Bryan Clay Foundation. Clay has developed a passion for the youth, families, and building authentic community. He counts it an honor and a privilege to inspire kids to make wise decisions, develop good time management skills, stay in school, follow their dreams, and maintain a well-balanced life style.

There he was in the black outfit instructing push ups. The volunteers were the UH Women's Track and Field. Perfect!

Okay, the little one in the back must be resting.

There were 4 stations. It was so endearing to see the youth try their best.

Important: hydrate. The participants were given a draw string bag which included a water bottle. They were also given many water breaks.

As well as a lanyard, the tag had a slot with papers - the volunteers wrote down the participants times on those papers.

This station taught them to jump high.
Notice the extended hand, that was their goal to jump up to.

This was just a sampling of the 30 activities.


jalna said...

Nice shots!

Erick said...

Great action shots! That was such a fun shoot, the kids are so much fun.

SW said...

Cute caught great action too.. wow..looks like lots to shoot..

celia said...

Thanks Jalna, Erick and Shun Wah. The kids were really cute.