Monday, October 11, 2010

Mostly shopping and Harvest Hoedown, 10/9-10/10

On Saturday - 10/9, before we got to the shopping outlets, T saw this box turtle on the road and was kind enough to go back, pick it up and put in the woods for its safety. The drivers have developed a keen eye for things on the road. You certainly don't want to hit a deer or any other animal as they dart across. I for one did not see the snake and the opossum to name a few.
On our way to Tapatia's for Mexican dinner, T's sister stopped the car to let me take pics of the deers in the meadow behind these trees. My point and shoot could not get the deers but got this beautiful sunset. T really liked how the sun shown through the leaves.
The next morning - 10/10, Ruth was kind to make us french toast. She made us pancakes the day before with bits of apples, bananas and almonds. Thanks Ruth. I called her "before" and myself "after" since I would wash dishes after.

We are now entering the Harvest Hoedown. It was at Pickering Creek Audubon Center. What is a hoedown? It is basically a celebration for farm families which includes square dancing, blue grass music, country food and lots of fun. This Harvest Hoedown included a lot of activities for kids, a hay ride, nature trail, boat ride, and info about farming.

I took this pic of a pic. These honey combs were created when the bees were forced into this area.
I found out oysters are helpful in filtering water. There was a bowl with oysters in dirty water. I took a picture and later came back & the water was clearer. This contraption rotates when the string attached to cylindrical thing moves in the water.

There were gourds that were hollowed out. I should have taken pictures of the creative pieces made from the gourds. Sorry this is the only one.
What is this? Just add 2 tablespoons of whipping cream in a container, cover and shake for about 5 minutes...
and presto, butter! Later when I met up with my friends, we spread this butter on a warm belgium waffle, they agreed it was yummy.
Long story short, this contraption helps to grind corn.
The wooden structure with the 4 openings at the top is a corn crib.
A corn planter.
My friends went off for a nature hike and wish I had joined them. Now I can see why, Ruth thanks for taking this pic of the pond.
I was a little frustrated because my cell phone was unable to get calls, however when I got to this area I was able to find out T left me 3 voice messages to let me know where they were.
At last, T, J, S, and Ruth arrived by boat.

We even got to do a hay ride.

S was so happy that they were selling "Pumpkin Roll" I had to take this pic.

So farm country, huh?

Blue grass music. They didn't do square dancing but it was fun to just sit on the bales of hay and listen to them.
Going back, I can't get enough of this beauty.
I finally got this pic of 2 deer.
When we got to T's daughter's home, she said just run and get the sunset. Here is my pic.
Ruth got a pic of me taking the above pic.


SW said...

what a lovely country town it is...I'm glad you were able to capture some of it's beauty and share it w/ us..

Erick said...

So cool, looks so relaxing. The turtle is great! Looks like a rock.