Saturday, October 9, 2010

St. Michaels and Nostalgia, 10/8/10

For those who saw my "Rest and Explore" - I added more info about the age of this farm, I am staying at. Also, for "Maryland, yipee!" - I added more info about the Little Red School House.

Before leaving for St. Michaels, T's sister noticed the geese in the water - I did not want to disturb them so I had to zoom in and later crop this pic.
The first building in this town along the Miles River was a church named St. Michael. A quaint town developed and has taken the name St. Michael's. A bit of history: This town is known for the town that fooled the British. During 1813, they knew the British were coming so the town turned off their lights and went into the woods with their lanterns. The British thought where the lanterns were was St. Michaels and shot at it not knowing where the true St. Michaels was.

This Eastern Shore is known as "the land of pleasant living".

During this harvest time, the telephone poles are decorated with corn husk. Ruth is showing you the corns in their husks.
Before our beer tasting...
and after.
Hmm, did not know there were so many varieties of gourds.

Another great meal.

This place mat certainly was helpful. This time I enjoyed eating crabs with J.
I sure needed this water, when you eat crab, you can dip it in Old Bay (spicy seasoned salt), vinegar, or melted butter. The crab also had Old Bay on it.

Driving back.
This place is more than 100 years old. I want to share some of the nostalgic things.

This cabinet is no ordinary one, it is a Hoosier.

From One particularly distinctive item is the combination flour-bin/sifter, a tin hopper that could be used without having to remove it from the cabinet
The upper left corner section has a pull down drawer which you put your flour in.

This match box is what you see on the side of the wall above.

Notice the etching and the beautiful carved wreath on the door.

They were clever to put a bathroom under this staircase.
Yup, this is a butter churner.

Really, this is the bathroom I am using.

My room has this cool light switch and door handle.
Amazing, the logo for this sign was a special 1923 Christmas edition and my coke I bought today has not changed.

Another nice day here.


jalna said...

I love that old house . . . reminds me of Plantation Village. Looks like you're having a geat time.

Erick said...

Cool old stuff! Looks like you got lots of things to shoot. Can you take a picture of a crab cake? Thanks.

celia said...

I am having a great time. I can't wait to show you pics of the crab cake I had, thanks Erick for your request. We went to Mason's on 10/11 - so good!