Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not fair-have to leave tomorrow, 10/11/10

Since Ruth and I will be leaving tomorrow, we wanted to see once again see T and J's new home in progress. The first time was in "Rest and Explore". We walked over with T, J and S. Aren't these trees just beauuutiful?

Got this brick layer through this brick.

From this side looking towards the lake. I enjoyed seeing this persimmon tree,crab boat,
and this sap exposed from a cut branch of the pine tree.

Later before dinner, we did return and had some pupus and drinks with friends. I was happy to see how my glass of wine created a nice shadow.
It was so much to revisit the Little Red School House. The first time was in "Maryland, yipee"

What were they looking at?

From the Little Red Schoolhouse, this road leads to where T grew up.
Since Erick commented he wanted to see crab cakes, T and J said we need to have lunch at:

Voila! I ate every bite of this delicious "Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Cake" crabcake with asparagus, shitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and lemon dill vinaigrette.
Mason's even had this cool painting in the lady's room. I heard the men's was also cool.
At a friend's home, we again were fortunate to get great photo opportunities.

Isn't this place setting charming?
Inorder to grasp how large this crab was, notice it was about the size of the seat of this chair. OMG!
My last view as we drove through Washington, DC to get to the airport. I thought these street lamps were so colonial. (We left the farm @6:15 am - so sad, Ruth and I certainly did not want to leave.) Thanks again T & J, also T's sister. It was fun having S. at the place.


SW said...

cool collection of pics...such a cool place.. and the food..made me soooo jellos!! Glad to hear you had such a great time...and welcome back!

Erick said...

Ooh, great looking crab cake, one of my favorite foods. Great shots! Welcome back home!