Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hilton Hawaiian Village Again, 12/26/10

I met Derek, Milton S., Roger and Renee at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. I recognized the artist, Thomas Deir, who did this mural. He has one at Hanauma Bay. He does wonderful works.
I titled this blog as Hilton Hawaiian Village Again because I posted a visit on 12/21/10. There are so many things to see. Milton mentioned this is a peacock fish. Although, I wanted to see the penguins, I did not a good pic of them.
I topazed this.
black and white

Also at my last visit, I had stiched 2 pics together for a panorama pic. From this pic, you can see that both the Aloha Ukulele store and elevators are one dimension. However check out the panorama that I created, the first section is curved. I think I must have shifted my angle when I took the second part.

This is the first time I have seen this lagoon being enjoyed by many.


SW said...

wow..I am amazed that there seem to be "limitless" things to shoot at the Hilton. Great shot of the must be hard to get it. Fun shooting.

celia said...

Hee hee, I used the underwater scene mode with my Panasonic ZS3.

Erick said...

Nice tourist shots! I like the different angles, it makes everything more interesting. Cool fishie shot too.