Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hanapa'a Christmas sharing and earlier that day, 12/25/10

Erick and I finally found this place. Hee hee, I am not a good map reader. In my blog about Candy Cane Lane, I mentioned how disappointed we were in not finding this place.

This is what we came for, this is a tree made of Heineken bottles. The tree lights up in sync with the Christmas music - so cool!!! There is even a train track.

This idea of using bottles came about because friends and family were trying to recycle the bottles but for some reason the recycling center was not ready for bottles - so guess what they put these bottles to good use. When asked how many bottles, they were not sure perhaps close to 3,000.
It was hard to capture this wonderful cul-de-sac, many Christmas displays.
This area lights were also in sync with the Heineken tree.

Erick and I were lucky to get any shots. It rained alot. One of the homes had elves and due to rain were put away, in fact if you look at the home with Merry Christmas in large blocks it was covered with a clear plastic and there some displays covered with black plastic.


I have to share how my Christmas morning began. At 7 a.m., I met Ruth and her sister at their parents home in Manoa for a walk. OMG she directly heads up these stairs, I hope I captured how steep it was.
I couldn't help myself from taking pictures of these cool homes.

and other scenes.
Ruth mentioned how this company concentrates on one project at a time. Good thing the job gets done quicker.
These are papayas that the Thailand people use in their green papaya salad.
Tonight I also blogged about "Hilton Hawaiian Village Again, 12/26/10"


SW said...

YAY!! Success!! finally! nice shots of the Heineken beer tree..those large snow globes are so cute! This looks like a really cool place to shoot..great find you guys!

C.Edward "Eddie" Freeman said...

great job, the photos are stunning, I like them all

celia said...

Thanks Shun Wah and Eddie! It was a fun day shooting.

Erick said...

Hey CD, that first shot is super, nice saturation, good composition, great shot! That was fun, except for the short drenching we took. We have to go again next year.