Friday, December 31, 2010

Since 1985 - Honolulu City Lights, 12/29/10

For the past 26 years, it is fun to see Santa and Mrs. Clause (Hawaiian style) sit outside our city hall. Each year we look forward to this Christmas delight and any additions. I haven't actually kept up with this, however it is definitely worth coming to. Isn't this penguin cute?
Also what is cool is this tree. Notice not many people, that is because we came after Christmas. (much better)

I totally photoshopped this.
My favorite display is this area.

Did I say photoshop?
I did a second curtain flash. Huh?
I did not take any pictures inside the courtyard of our Honolulu Hale (hale means house - it houses our Mayor and other city departments). There are a lot of Christmas displays which make the children giggle with delight. I also did not take any pictures of the other displays on this huge block. OMG, I basically stayed in one area.

After this our photo club, Hawaii Photographic Society, got together for a late dinner.

Tis New Year's Eve. May everyone have a wonderful 2011, full of good health, happiness and prosperity.


Randism said...

nice shots! hey! have a fantastic new year!!!

jalna said...

Happy New Year, Celia!! Great shots!