Saturday, June 6, 2009

Special Olympics, 5/29-31/09

I was fortunate to be with Eyes of Hawaii, a photography group.  This group was asked to have volunteers take pictures.  

Special Olympic Hawaii Photographer Photo request sheet "It is hard to tell someone about Special Olympics; and it is impossible to give explain the feeling you get when you see an athlete cross the finish line, hug a coach or simply smile...but your photos are as close as it gets!"

It was heartwarming to be part of this event.

I enjoyed watching this person whom I've personally nicknamed  "skipper".

Shot put

Long jump


I think the only time he didn't have his toy was when he was swimming.

Healthy Athlete

Special Olympics had so many things for these athletes including this "hands on" flossing demonstration.


SW said...

WOW.. you got so many great captures of emotions of the atheletes. I really like the the one w/ the captain's salute. It was a fun shoot and all your shots showed it. Great job!!

jalna said...

GREAT photos Celia!! You managed to capture the feeling and meaning of what Special Olympics is all about.

celia said...

SW and Jalna,
Thank you very much. There were so many precious moments.