Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kelowna,BC, Canada - here I am, 6/16/09

I took a commuter flight from Vancouver to Kelowna.  Funny thing, the seat I got happened to face the row in front.  I actually was pleased with it as I could now see the propeller.  

I am very fortunate that I can visit my friend Rocky and her husband Tony.  Next week, we will be going to their cottage where 2 of her 3 sons are hanging out.

My friend's place has beauuuutiful flowers.  A camera nut's dream.

Magellan Fuchsia
African Lily

I think Rocky's husband Tony, has always had a dream of having his own wine cellar.  Take a look inside.  I am impressed!

For dinner we had steak and sweet potatoes with home grown rosemary and oregano.  

Yummy!  I got just a little loopy with the wine.

Dessert was especially yummy with home grown strawberries, the blueberries were not in season - so yes store bought.  I bet you are "jellos"




Erick said...

Wow, the flowers are amazing, I never saw some of them before. And that wine cellar, I wish I had one like that, bigger than some fancy restaurants. I like the car and dog too. Looks like you are having a great time. Keep us posted! Enjoy yourself!

celia said...

Hey EV,
You know what? I don't know the names of these flowers except for the first one. Hee hee, I will find out and post them.

SW said...

WOW.. didn't know they can grow hibiscus so far up north.. I like the shot of the plane propeller, but then the stop action shot of it makes me scared... and who's home has their own cellar!! Well, bottoms up!!

jalna said...

Niiiice. I like the lighting of the food shots.