Thursday, June 18, 2009

Osoyoos, BC, Canada, 6/18/09

Rocky held down the fort at home with business, while Tony drove me 3 hours south to Osoyoos. They have property there.

We were standing near this house where their property is.  Tony noticed and pointed out a deer just below.  I tried to remain calm but when I tried to take a picture, the deer ran away.  

This picture was taken from across the way to show you where we saw the deer. 
I am pretty sure it was my camera with the 70 -200 mm lens that scared her.

Again I saw a deer, not sure why her ears look like that.
Yay another deer with her 2 fawns, you may have to look closely, there is one to the right of this picture.  If you double click on the picture you can get a larger image.
Later Tony spotted a Marmot between the rocks.
Hard to see, huh?  Here is a cropped picture.
Yummy!  Along the way back we stopped at Tickleberry's known for their ice cream.  I agree my Rocky Road was to die for.

It was cool to see this map because Tony had pointed out along the Osoyoos Lake "that is where the United States begins."  In Washington state their lake is called Oroville.

This nice day ended with a beautiful sunset from Rocky and Tony's balcony.


Erick said...

Great deer shots! I bet the deer was happy you only shot him with a camera. Nice job!

SW said...

Very cute deer and her baby..just like bambi..but less tragic. So cool you were able to see it and then share it w/ us. I've never seen a marmot..looks like a beaver w/o the flat tail. A very beautiful sunset..hope you're getting well rested..

Jon said...

Wow, great photos of the deer! I might have to use some of them as a reference for a painting. And the sunset over the lake, amazing.