Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunset, Fireworks, Model, 8/11-12/17

Friday, 8/11/17...
Derek and Milton S. picked me up @4:30 to capture the "Sunset" at 7 pm and the "Fireworks" at 8 pm. We needed to secure a parking space. The first 7 were random sightings until 7.

Yay, it is almost 7

Now to set up for the fireworks. The yellow truck is where the firework will be shot up from. After the truck delivered the fireworks - it did leave. We were allowed to be in this area and then were told to move to where the cones were placed - no one in front of the cones.

Notice the height that the boy kicked his ball up.

I chose to keep my tripod close to the ground to shoot up wards and admittedly it was kind of scary. I also got confused with my settings so I will definitely be coming back to do a better job. The guys felt the same that we have to come again. They were frustrated with the crowd in their way.

Saturday, 8/12/17...
I joined Eyes of Hawaii for a model shoot at Liliuokulani Gardens. She was super nice. Lance Wong gave tips on how we can help the models be comfortable and to shift their stance for interesting lines as well as lighting tips. Thanks "Mahalo" Lance!!!

We had a very good turn out:

I definitely napped after Friday night and Saturday morning.


Anonymous said...

Every Friday I sit out on my lanai in Royal Kunia and wait for the fireworks. Though teeny tiny from such a distance it's sure looks pretty. I always wondered how it was closer to the action and now I knowI didn't think it would be so crowded. -N

SW said...

oh yeah. that's scary being so close to the fireworks...too bad about the crowd after 1 hr wait.. That's a great turnout for EOH shoot. I like your soft shots of the model.

celia said...

Hi N, I always wondered where the fireworks were coming from because usually, I am at Magic Island. Shooting up was not the best idea because I couldn't see the actual fireworks and what goes up comes down. It maybe because it is summer time and the mainlanders schools begin after Labor Day - so why not have vacation here. We did see locals with their picnics and tables with potlucks.

Thanks Shun Wah, I tried to capture different expressions - catching her off guard. I hope she did not mind - I sent the photos to Milton H. to forward to Lance and included my blog.