Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bottom fishing, 8/19/17

Thank you Joy Kono for coordinating with your friend Terese. We all enjoyed this except for one that got sick a lot. As you can imagine her friend felt real bad.

There were 2 more. (Mostly our gym gang)

Off to a "3 hour experience" exactly 8 - 11.

First one to catch a fish.

Here is my fish, which was too small to keep. I wish I had proof that I caught another one but I could not reel it in - the captain tried - but it got away including taking the weight.

This was his first, he caught I think 4 in all.


I missed the part where our group got to shoot water at this "pirate ship"- they were on the starboard.

It was yummy. Given instructions - left one watch out for the bones, right one a trigger - don't eat the skin.

I was so happy for her, her first fish after almost 2 1/2 hours.

 If you are interested, here is the info.

Would I go again? Yes!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow so awesome...and you're so young and pretty too! I didn't even know dolphins were so close by in our waters...I think of them being out way way it the deep ocean. I loved this excursion...makes me want to take one just to go look-see not fish. Thanks -N

celia said...

Hi N, that is not me. I think you are referring to the girl holding the fish with the fishing pole. I am in the group photo with the teal top. I am not sure how far out we were - it was a joy to see the dolphins - the first group I did not get good photos - when we moved to another location - I used my iPhone - my Fuji XT-10 was a challenge for me using the movie mode.

jalna said...

Great outing!! How do you like your Fuji?

celia said...

I do like my Fuji especially for an outing like this one. I found that the kit lens 18-55 was luckily super sharp. I got this camera from Pro Camera Hawaii in Aiea - really nice guys there. I used one of those sling straps secured to my camera so I felt the camera was safely with me. Only draw back if you shoot RAW - the files are more than 30 mega pixels - so I shoot large jpg.