Friday, August 18, 2017

Sunset/Fireworks with Terry Takaki

About 8 years ago, I took Terry Takaki's photo class at Kaimuki High School and was a newbie at photography so I did not know what questions to ask (that is his style of teaching). Now I have questions and I am glad I got a private lesson.  Key word - shoot manually unless there are restraints. 

I set up my camera horizontally to include Diamond Head but realized quickly that I was missing the fireworks. I therefore reposition my camera and later cropped my photos to be vertical shots. My editing included reducing highlights and adding clarity.

I realized I had pulled out my focus length which caused this affect.

Thank you very much Terry!!! I appreciate your time and pointers (manual, ISO, F stop, white balance, to name a few)


Anonymous said...

ohhhh so much prettier close up. All the time sitting on my lanai for my weekly fireworks show, I wish I could see more details cuz some loook fab. I esp. love seeing the green ones. Wow thanks for sharing now I 'know' what they're suppose to look like closer up -N

celia said...

Hi N, I am glad you get to see them up close. Do have to apologize for the out of focus fireworks: between my eyes and Terry's - it was a struggle to focus. I do like the settings he suggested.