Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Zoo, 7/26/17

Next Wednesday, 8/2/17, I will be back at work. Derek was thoughtful and suggested we enjoy a photo outing as he has this week off. We concluded that Summer is not a good time to go to the zoo - the animals are just as exhausted from the heat as we are. My last photo says it all.

This lemur is helping himself to the water.

Mid morning delight.

Yup, this is the last photo, the spider monkeys were inactive. The guy facing the back fence was scratching his side.

A little girl spotted the tiger, which was against the fence hiding and resting in the shads - consequently no photo.

My orangutans were unhappy. I think it was Violet in the large area and Rusty was in another cage. They were side by side in separate cages - it broke my heart. Rusty had his back to us.

Our group split up - hungry ones: Curtis, Dean and I went across the street to Teddy's Bigger Burger; Milton and Derek went to the Aquarium. Milton, Derek and I went to Kim Chee 2 - I enjoyed laughing with them as they enjoyed their delicious lunch.


jalna said...

I haven't been to the zoo in ages. I used to enjoy taking pictures there.

celia said...

I personally feel bad for the animals because the space for the animals are limited. I have seen other zoos where the orangutans have a wonderful large area to climb and run around. Trying to take a photo of them is extremely challenging with the thick translucent glass and the screens are doubled for our protection but not good for photographers.