Saturday, February 4, 2017

Night photos: Fireworks 2/3, Punahou Carnival Ferris Wheel 2/4/17

I surprised Larry (Naomi's husband) with the idea of taking firework photos.  This was his first time ever.  They live in Southern Cal.  He did very well.

Every Friday, Hilton Hawaiian Village has fireworks.  Before it began, I got this one photo, the clouds were thick.

We decided to practice long exposure, the red lines are from 2 sailboats returning.  It is amazing that you don't see them except for the red light at the top of their mast.

We did not realize the show was only 5 minutes long. All of these photos were edited to bring out the colors.

A good way to end the night is having ice cream at Lucy's Lab!

Larry gave a good suggestion after seeing the roof top of my place to take long exposures of the Punahou School carnival rides. I did this on my own the next night. I kept adjusting the time and the angles. These were also edited to bring out the colors.

Definitely this was an opportunity to use my tripod and cable release to trigger the shutter. I also did lots of experimenting to find the right amount exposure to cause different affects.


jalna said...


celia said...

I certainly had a fun time!

SW said...

Great shots of the carnival..and great opportunity from a good distance. I've never heard of Lucy's Lab Creamery so I googled it. looks yummy!

celia said...

I am so happy Larry thought of that. I never thought to look at the carnival from my place. I saw a line of people a couple of times and I decided to park my car and find out what the lines were for. So happy I did - their ice cream has very cool flavors. We both had almond float.