Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pow Wow 2014, 5/26/14 (2 more art added, 6/11/14)

I enjoyed walking with Shun Wah and Erick capturing Pow Wow 2014. 

This was a must as I had seen it in 3 stages of completion on instagram. Wow, I really like it in person.

I have to admit that this photo needed its vertical and horizontal lines fixed. Yippee, thanks Shun Wah for the link.

 Believe it or not this was tucked away, basically you can not find it driving by.

 My friends thought the rat was larger than me. LOL.
We could not find this art, the building got torn down. Erma and I saw it in March of this year. I am glad I took this picture on Feb. 17, 2013.

Each year most of the Pow Wow of the previous year is painted over.  I feel bad for the artists.

Modified 6/11/14
I came across the other day - words of Albert Einstein. What I also like is that this is totally crocheted.
A friend of mine wanted to know the size of this piece which explains why I included its location. I am still in awe.
Since I added the above, I am also including this one: Mau Piailug, affectionally known as Papa Mau by Nainoa Thompson. He learned from Papa Mau: non-instrument wayfinding methods of deep-sea voyaging. The Hokule`a voyage to Tahiti in 1976 was successful. On June 6, 2014, the Hokule'a and Hikianalia set off for a 47,000 nautical mile world wide trip . 


Erick said...

Cool, I like your new banner photo. Great graffiti shots, nice angles and good saturation. That was a fun shoot, shave ice with ice cream was good too. Yes, you are taller than the rat. Way taller.

celia said...

I am glad you like the banner. I definitely needed to update it.
I am getting better with Lightroom.
Pretty soon we can get Waiola Shave Ice - at Ward Warehouse. Their shave ice is so fine and yummy - I enjoyed going to get shave ice - it was a hot and humid day.
As for the rat - it is not standing up so hmm? Not sure if I am taller.

ShunWah said...

it was really fun.. Cool you got the shot of the building before they tore it down..You also got some I totally missed.. i must have turned to look the other way.. there were so many cool art work. I think the rat is bigger than you..:-)

celia said...

I agree we had lots of fun.
That clock painting was awesome!
I actually forgot to add the one of Papa - Nainoa Thompson found out he knew how to navigate without modern instruments - hence Hokulea.
Today I saw a crocheted piece that said "Be a voice Not an echo - A. Einstein" However a truck was in the way - will try to get a better picture and add it to this post.
I agree the rat is probably bigger - too funny.

SW said...

The crochet piece is really cool. I wanna go see it . Will see if I can find it before it disappears..

celia said...

I actually hope it can standup to the weather. It is on Coral Street.