Saturday, July 5, 2014

Parrots-Goose-Ducks 6/28/14, Fireworks 7/4/14

Last weekend we had a girls' movie night and a sleep over. Ever watch "Mad Mad World"? It was an all star cast show and we had fun remembering those actors/actress when they were younger.

My friend knows how much I like to photograph and said make sure you bring your camera. Yay!
I enjoyed photographing her pets. Here is Nipo…an Eclectus Parrot
Liko, not only enjoys his reflection…  (also an Eclectus Parrot)
Liko also wears t-shirt, to help him from picking his feathers. 

 Chibi…an African Grey Goose
 Muscovy Ducks. Just like flamingos they like to rest on one leg.
 The male sure gave me action

It is hard to capture their essence from stills, below is a video which includes the other 2 Muscovy Ducks.

Fireworks from Hawaii Yacht Club...

Disclosure, it has been a while since I have photographed fireworks - I had trouble with timing.
Enjoy the art, LOL.

 The following two are the same. This first one is Auto white balance
This one I changed the white balance to Daylight. (Question - which one is better? Please let me know your thoughts.)


Anonymous said...

I had an eclectus so really enjoyed these pixs. The males are sweet and gentle but their females, oh boy, they got a bad rep for being mean. The prob was, tho they speak really well, they were closet talkers, i.e. talks only when I'm NOT in the room. I also hand raised but it was so nasty, it attacked me and the dogs continually till I finally got rid of it. Their talons are incredibly sharp. Still love ducks though. Except for their poops. Thank you for sharing, I came over from Jalna's blog. -N

Anonymous said...

Meant to say, hand raised a Musckovey duck. aargh. hate typos -N

celia said...

Hi N, I am glad you saw my blog via Jalna's which brought back memories for you. I also view blogs via Jalna's blog list.

We heard one of the eclectus parrots laughing. Too funny, definitely made us laugh.

SW said...

Liko is so cute with his shirt!
The firework shots have a really artsy look. nice!

celia said...

Thank goodness Liko really likes his shirt. He was cute and happy!

Thanks, I am glad I could salvage my firework pix.