Thursday, July 17, 2014

Point Panic/Kewalos, 7/16/14

Swells happen along the south shore during the summer. Sensei "teacher" chose to photograph "Point Panic". This surf location earned its name.  Although the waves were not really high it was rough. Thanks Sensei for letting me borrow your 1.4 converter to give me more leverage with my 70-200. Some of these photos were cropped to show expression.

We started around 2 pm. This last photo was made at 7:25. I look forward to learning more, Sensei.


celia said...

Jalna, it was so much fun. I am learning surf terms and realize how difficult it was for the surfers - short rides. I also found out that I was looking at Kewalos.

SW said...

Nice..the lighting on the surfers are great. I've never used a tele-converter before so it's cool to see your results. Great job!

Anonymous said...

You can every ripple in the ocean. What kind of camera do you use?-N

celia said...

SW, I was so happy with the lighting and getting the rainbow colors on one of my pix. Sensei said that if I used a 2x converter I would have to manually focus so he only has a 1.4.

Hi N, thanks for asking. I use a Canon camera T5i plus a 70-200 2.8 lens. Many photographers say save up for the lens - pricey but the glass and the construction of those lens allow the light to come into the camera without distortion. LOL, can get the ripples. I also had the shutter speed at 1/800 for stop action.