Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Erma's, 5/8/14

In 2011, Erma and I met at Glacier National Park. This past March, Erma visited me. During my visit, Erma was house sitting - we were in Santa Fe for 3 days, here in Jemez Publeo for 1 day, and another house in Santa Fe for 2 days.

I was in for a treat when I realized we had to go over this river to get to her place. Her home is between two rivers.

 In fact her home was featured in this magazine. You will see why with my photos.

 Erma had to put up this barrier to keep cattle out.

Looking out from her front door.
I really like Erma's Navajo runner. and her rustic table. The following blog is a combination of two days. You can scroll down or click on this link Sight Seeing in Jemez, 5/8 &9/14.


Erick said...

Great shots! I love the indoor shots, what a cool house. Very Nice!

celia said...

Thanks Erick, I agree she has a cool home.