Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Last Part, 12/27/12-1/2/13

This was the last part of my vacation, we returned to Sacramento and drove back up to South Lake Tahoe. A view of the Lake from a restaurant.
 Notice the guy removing snow from the roof.
Heavenly Valley is up there.

 One more picture of the Lake which I think Richard took.

Thanks Richard for choosing Fog City Diner to have lunch with Jon and Casey.
Coit Tower brings back fond memories of my day with Jon this past summer.
Transamerica Pyramid is iconic to San Francisco.
I was so very happy to see Jon's works in person and to see how large they are.
Here is a link to his site Post: "Birds!"

So San Francisco...

Off to Marin County

From Sausalito,  the Bay Bridge

New Year's Eve, Richard and I enjoyed a cruise from the Berkeley Marina and enjoyed the fireworks. Happy New Year!!! Happy 2013!

The next day, was our last day before leaving for home - hmmm, where should we go? Yes San Francisco. Had this delicious salmon at Dobbs Ferry before meeting Kathryn at Hayes Valley.

Thanks Jon, not only was this delicious, I also appreciated the presentation.
Kathryn and myself in Jon and Casey's backyard. Thanks Kathryn for driving Richard and me around!
Jon and Casey are fortunate to have this neighborhood cafe.
We walked to the Golden Gate Park.

Bob and Kitty, we enjoyed staying at your home, thanks for being such great hosts.  Here we are at Serritella's where Andy and Judy wanted to go but the restaurant was not open for lunch.
I know it was cold the morning we left Sacramento, however I was so surprised to see ice on the tops of these rubbish containers.
I certainly had a wonderful Christmas break. Here are the links to my 2 previous posts.


Anonymous said...

Ok, now that you got the most important picture on I will comment. L. Tahoe you got some great shots of the snow burrrr, I now remember how cold it was all over again...
I love the City and I think your photo of Coit Tower really captured the day and the Bay Bridge shot at night was the best - good job with that little point-an-shoot!


celia said...

R- I really like that picture of you at Lake Tahoe. My pictures up to New Year's Eve were taken with my Canon DSLR. After that my Panasonic Lumix ZS19 did wonders especially the Bay Bridge. Thanks!

jalna said...

Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed your trip!

celia said...

Jalna - I really had fun and I am glad you enjoyed my trip.

SW said...

wow.. you asked for a white Christmas and you sure got your wish. Love the shot right when you went under one of the span of the golden gate bridge..very cool.. thanks for bringing us back so many great pics!

celia said...

SW -
I had seen snow when I was in college but that was so so long ago that I forgot what it was like. I am happy my wish came true.

It was fun taking pictures while Richard drove. That Golden Gate Bridge picture was taken with my Canon and me getting really low in my seat. I too am happy with that picture.

Erick said...

Cool, or should I say cold. I love Jon's work, that owl is incredible. He is so talented.

celia said...

It was cold but it was fun layering, wearing a scarf, mittens, scarf, and a beanie.

I agree Jon is so talented. Thanks. Weren't you amazed by the size of these oil paintings?