Saturday, December 22, 2012

22 Degrees, 12/18/12

Before heading up to South Lake Tahoe from Sacramento, Richard surprised me with lunch at Celia's. Awww!
Off we go…

Notice the pole?
When the road is not visible because of the snow, the poles indicate the edge of the road.

 We stopped at Pier 1 and had fun in the snow.

So that is what snow chains are.

Oh no! The storm is approaching.

After seeing the signs, we had no choice; it was mandatory to get snow chains. The guy allowed me to take pictures of the installation which were placed on the front tires. 

What an adventure. Brrrrr!!!


Photo Fashionista said...

You and Richard look like you are having sooo much fun!!!!! I'm so jealous! I love the picture you took of him throwing snow at the camera...priceless! Enjoy your holiday! ;)

celia said...

Sookie, too funny, huh? Will be blogging about Ohio soon. I got my wish- it is also snowing here and it is currently 20 degrees.

Jon said...

I felt like putting on a sweater just looking at those pictures. You guys just missed the big storm this past week! Great pics, especially the one with the snow falling over the lake!

celia said...

Jon, hee hee it was cold!!! Thank goodness we realized that it would be better to get the snow chains than try to stay the night. Sounds like it would have been longer with that big storm.

jalna said...

Brrrrr!!! Great pics!!!

SW said...

great snowy shots! never seen snow chains before..look like a fun adventure.

celia said...

Jallna, thanks- yes, brrrrr!!!
SW, yup snow chains was a new adventure.
Coming home tomorrow 1/2/13.
Happy New Year!