Sunday, November 4, 2012

71ST ANNUAL NÂ HULA FESTIVAL, 8/5/12 (edited -11/10/12)

I edited this post after finding out the pictures were really small and therefore appeared soft and out of focus. It is a long story, however I understand what I was doing wrong. Thanks Erick.

The venue this year was at the Waikiki Shell at Kapiolani Park, due to the renovation of the Waikiki Band Stand. I wish more could have attended this beautiful festival. It was a bit of a disappointment as there were no trees to shade us as well as it was not visible to the public. It was free but not visible for those to stop by. Here is a link to last year's post

Puanani Alama, Makaleka, and Leilani Alama are the hula instructors. They too were once students of hula and now enjoy the fruits of their labor as they watch their students perform.

Puanani Alama


Leilani Alama

Although there were many hula dancers, I tend to focus on a few dancers.


SW said...

I love the colors of their dresses ad the beautiful dancers. I missed it this year.. I'm glad you finally posted the event. :-)

Erick said...

Nice rich colors, great dancers! Sorry I missed it.

celia said...

SW and Erick, thank you. I was able to get the true colors when I removed the highlights. It was a super hot day. I am glad I finally posted and gave my coworker a cd of pictures.