Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Erick, 11/9/12

We came to Sushi Bistro for my birthday and I was happy that we would celebrate Erick's here. The sushi was so "ono" yummy. Let me tell you Erick knows how to order. Here is a sampling of their specials.

 This draft beer was smoooooth!

We had more sushi than what you see here.  Our Sushi chef was a good sport as we took pictures of his creations.

And although I was full, I could not resist this dessert. Erick it was fun celebrating your birthday here!


Photo Fashionista said...

Super good fun! I ate WAY too much that night, but it was sooo ono! That beer is making me thirsty! LOL

Erick said...

Thanks CD, I had a great time there. The sushi was fantastic and the company was even better. Great shots of the sushi, you should always use the 5DM3. It takes super pictures.

celia said...

Photo Fashionista, what a blast we had. Yes, me thirsty too.

Erick, these pictures bring back such happy memories and the fun we had. Okay, 5DM3 it is.

SW said...

That looks so good! your ikura is so sharp. It was great fun!

celia said...

SW, thank you so much. We certainly had fun!!!