Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Diamond Head Sunset Shoot, 10/29/12

Eyes of Hawaii Photography Club arranged for a photo opportunity below the lighthouse to capture the sunset, the moonrise and yes the lighthouse. It is fun to go on these outings cuz everyone sees different things. Here is what I saw...

Luckily we had those HUGlight by My Light, neck flash lights to get back to the car, thanks Richard.
You can get those neck flash lights from Costco - 2 in a pack.
Did I mention moon rise, we did not see it, it was too cloudy.


Photo Fashionista said...

Neat shots! Thanks for sharing!

jalna said...

I looove your angles!! Beautiful!

celia said...

Photo Fashionista, thanks - I was trying different techniques - I am glad you found them "neat shots".

Jalna, wow thanks! It was fun trying different angles and different effects.