Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Children and Youth Day Festival, 10/7/12

What was "Children and Youth Day Festival"? It was a huge free event which occurs on the first Sunday of October. The grounds of the State Capitol and Surrounding Capitol District were filled with activities and information for the whole family. Next year will be the 20th anniversary.

This statue of Queen Liliokulani faces our State Capitol.
The State Capitol Rotunda

Jordan Segundo

That day was so hot and humid that seeing this sign was a joy to see. Infact I had some @10:15 and later in the afternoon.

Under the various tents:

The support for this event was tremendous!

She made it!
Police Canine Division
Serious teen info:

Surf (Internet) Safe



Dance performances

Gangnam Style, this is the latest dance craze originating from Korea

Portable hammocks
I had my waffle dog from this high school group, McKinley "Tigers".
Incase you did not make it, here were some of my attempts to show how large this festival was.

Samadhi Hawaii Aerial
Check out my friend Jalna's blog, after 6 hours she still felt there were even more things to see. I agree with her whole heartily - infact this was just a sampling! We were actually taking pictures for this organization: HawaiiCYD and guess what, we never saw each other. 


Les said...

Great coverage! Too bad I missed it :(

SW said...

Your wide angle shots in the full frame came out really got lots of great images from the event.

celia said...

Les, thanks, it was amazing! I can only imagine next year. I am glad I saw your blog - you had a great time too!!!

SW, thanks, glad I have my full frame.

jalna said...

Great job Celia!!

celia said...

Thanks Jalna!!! What an awesome event for the children and youth!

Marcia F. said...

Hey u got a pic of my niece!! She's in that McKinley Tigers picture..the one on the left! :)
Great event coverage!

celia said...

Guess what Marcia, I think it was your niece who thought of pretending to be tigers - yes!!! Thanks - hee hee that festival was a lot to cover.

Anonymous said...

Good job, great photos, which really tell a nice overall story of the Childern's Festival.

Once again I really like the expressions you capture in your pics. I think my favorite photo is the little guy in the fire truck! Also, I like the two pics you captured with the ball in the air - football & croquet. Say, "Croquet Champ" did you give them some pointers??


celia said...

R, thanks, the little one was cute. I was really happy with the football pix - looks like she was passing the football to the poster guy to catch. Actually that was not croquet so whew, I did not have to give any pointers.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Celia

I love the bunnie picture and all of the pictures of the children for children and youth day. thanks for sharing these pictures.

God bless

Pastor Curtis

Anonymous said...

HI Celia

I love the picture in the Hana Maui of the sign of "tree at work". that is a cool picture.

blessings to you

Pastor Curtis

celia said...

Pastor Curtis, thanks, there were so many things to see and when I saw the bunny and the girl - I had to capture them.

All of us were taken by that sign "quiet, trees at work" and we did just that.